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British film lovers and car lovers have decided on their favourite movie car of all time in the James Bond movie a 1963 Aston Martin DB5 won the award from Goldfinger and it was officially announced as the best movie car of all time up to date. The online poll was carried out by Auto Express with thousands upon thousands voicing their opinion on the vehicle. There was plenty of choice with over 50 vehicles to choose from in the event. A Lexus driven by Tom Cruise in Minority Report and even the flying Anglia which Ron Weasley drove in the Chamber of Secrets.

However coming in head and shoulders above the rest had to be one of the coolest sports cars the world has ever seen, the stunning Aston Martin DB5. The car was driven by Sean Connery and the vehicle sold for a whopping £2.6 million in a article we reported earlier this year.

Second place but still a classic was the 1981 Delorean which was seen in the back to the future movies, this vehicle made just over £600,000 and the third car which made the top 3 was the iconic Mini Cooper where Michael Caine drove the mini in the Italian Job.