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Limo Hire

1. Agreed Price: The agreed price is the amount agreed between Krystal Limousine Hire and you the customer, based on, and is limited to the instructions given as set out in the Requirements area overleaf. Changes following on from this booking that you may want/like to make will be subject to our ability to accommodate those changes and may be subject to further cost(s).

2. Deposits: All bookings made are confirmed by way of an advance deposit. Normally, a deposit of �100 is required on all of our limousines. For weddings and other special events an advance deposit of �100 is required.

3. Cancellation: All Deposits are deemed non Refundable. In the event the booking is cancelled within 28 days of the date the vehicle(s) is/are required you the customer will be charged 100% of the balance owed. All cancellations need to be made in writing to the registered office. Where a booking is made for a wedding or other special event(s) this will mean that the period where the whole balance will become due.

4. Balance: Under normal circumstances outstanding balances are payable at the time and place of the first pick-up. Alternatively, you (customer) may pay the balance in advance at the company offices in cash or by posting a cheque for the outstanding total balance. The cheque needs to be received by Krystal�s within a minimum of 7 (seven) working days prior to booking date. This allows adequate time for the cheque to be cleared and ensure all cleared funds are deposited into Krystal Limousine�s account. Personal, Business cheques, Drafts or foreign currency are not acceptable as final payment on the day of hire, �unless� priory consented by management at Krystal Limousine Hire.

5. Grace Period: Krystal Limousine Hire always strives to be at all pickup point(s) in advance of the time(s) agreed. However, there may be causes that may from time to time occasionally prevent us from meeting these aims such as inclement weather; road traffic accidents; road resurfacing and suchlike events beyond our control. Reasonably therefore we need to have under these circumstances to build into our schedule(s) a period of up to 30 (thirty) minutes grace. In any event a grace period is invoked, in whole or in part, the time of adjusted time(s) will be made up during or after the period of hire, schedules permitting.

6. Damages: Damages, subsequently cost(s) of repair(s) of such damage(s) to the limousine(s) hired as used by you the Customer and/or your guests whoever caused, is your (the Hirer�s) responsibility. Additionally, in the event that one of the parties is sick in the limousine, there will be a soling charge of �150.

7. Overtime: Overtime charges begin immediately following the end of pre-agreed contract end time as set out in the box overleaf titled Finish Time. Under this agreement the overtime rate per hour or part thereof shall be as that as is noted in the box titled Per Vehicle Overtime rate.

8. Lost Property: Krystal Limousine Hire takes every care to keep you the Customer and your property safe. We cannot, however, under any circumstances take any responsibility for property lost or left or assumed left at any time in the vehicle(s). Make sure that you check and remove all personal property - yours and or your guest(s) - from the limousine(s) whenever you are dropped off, including interim drop(s). In the event any property is found by us and is returned to the depot, it is the Customer�s responsibility to recover the property from our depot and any costs of doing so are yours.

9. Breakdown: Krystal Limousine Hire makes every effort to maintain its fleets as often and as thoroughly as it possibly can. Krystal Limousine Hire has therefore made all reasonable efforts to ensure that the limousine(s) is/are in the best and most reliable condition and are thereby fit for the purpose of use. In such event should a mechanical breakdown occur outside its control Krystal Limousine Hire cannot therefore be responsible for mechanical breakdown nor for the impact that those unforeseen event(s) might then or there after have.

10. Airport Requirements: Where Krystal Limousine Hire are retained to collect the Customer(s) from arriving flight(s), in particular inbound international flight(s), the customer is required to telephone Krystal Limousine Hire on +44 (845 257 4510) before departing the departure airport to reconfirm the pick-up requirements and to obtain from Krystal Limousine Hire the relevant chauffeurs mobile/cell number. Upon arrival in UK, once you have cleared customs, you need to call the chauffeurs mobile/cell phone so s/he may make their way from the airport parking periphery. Krystal Limousine Hire will not be held liable for any delays or inconveniences caused if any or the whole of the forgoing is not complied with.

11. Vehicle Requested: Krystal Limousine Hire will provide the Vehicle Requested. However, in the event due to circumstances beyond our control the Vehicle Requested cannot be provided either for the first, the final or other and interim journeys booked we reserve the right to provide substitute vehicle(s) of equal or similar standing and capacity.

12. FURTHER INFO: Krystal Limousine Hire reserve the right to make appropriate charges in the event of any travel sickness, damage and breakages, or if the limousine is left in an unacceptable condition. On some occasions, before departure we may require a bond to cover the cost and this will be returnable at the end of the hire if no expenses are incurred. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL SMOKING OR EATING BE ALLOWED INSIDE THE VEHICLE but on longer trips we will gladly carry in the boot your own picnic hampers for consumption outside the limousine. KRYSTAL LIMOUSINE HIRE must insist that we run to the agreed timetable so we do not disappoint other Clients, and in some circumstances we reserve the right to charge for extra time on hire. OUTSTANDING Balance is payable to the driver before hire commences. Cheques are only accepted by prior arrangement and we are unable to accept switch or credit cards on board.

Please make cheques payable to �KRYSTAL LIMOUSINE HIRE�.

Please sign to accept this booking, and return to the address overleaf with your deposit/bond.