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The Celebrity Wife swap seen a limousine on the popular show which has started to air in New York the Chrysler limousine which is very popular in the UK was seen on the show bringing a one of the wife’s into the New York state at the start of the program.ABC rang in the New Year Monday night with the "sneak peek" of the brand new season of "Celebrity Wife Swap," in which two opposite ends of the marital spectrum trade lives for a few days to make the rest of us feel better about our own flawed marriages.

Tracey Gold, former "Growing Pains" actress, is ratings gold, a control freak madly in love with her husband Roby, an even bigger control freak, and raising three well-behaved and well-groomed boys. The show which is doing outstanding in ratings is set to be moving onto a another channel which will make the show even bigger in America and it may even make the big move to become worldwide.